Frequently Asked Qustions

For those unfamiliar with medical travel and how it works, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below.  We have covered a wide range of topics, however, if you have a question that is not on the list, please contact us.  We will respond to all inquiries within one business day.

How 360 Global Health Works
  •      What is medical travel and what does 360 Global Health do?
  • More and more people are currently taking advantage of the benefits of medical travel.  Medical travel is traveling across international borders to obtain healthcare.   There are many reasons why people turn to foreign medical providers for care.  The most significant is the cost savings. Other reasons include the quality of care and the ability to have the procedure performed immediately, with no wait list.  360 Global Health is a premier medical travel facilitator company.  360 Global Health connects patients with the world's best and affordable doctors.  Patients use our user-friendly website to find a procedure, research a doctor, book their procedure/surgery and travel. They are assisted, during every step of the process, by caring, experienced case managers who love to help our patients.
  •      How does 360 Global Health select the medical providers it partners with? 
  • The 360 Global Health Executive Management team personally meets and evaluates each medical provider.  Before introducing our clients to a new provider, a thorough assesment is completed.  We review the provider's resume, background, professional experience, awards and accomplisments.  360 Global Health's partners must also demonstrate a strong enthusiasm for the medical travel industry.  All of our providers are excited to meet their international patients and their dedication to the industry shows through in their excellent customer service.  If you are interested in partnerning with 360 Global Health, please contact us.
  •      What services does 360 Global Health provide?
  • Even the most experienced world traveler will benefit from 360 Global Health's services.  360 Global Health does not just provide you with one case manager to assist with your case.  You have a full support team behind you every step of the way.  It starts when you first make an inquiry on our website.  A member of our team will reach out to you to discuss and listen to how we can best serve you.  Your case manager will then provide you with the support and knowledge you need to make an informed decision on your destination and medical provider.  From there, a member from our operations department will work with you to complete the legal agreements and payment details.  A case manager, along with our travel desk, will assist you with all travel bookings -- right down to the car service that will pick you up and take you to the airport.  Once you land at your destination, our local ground team will ensure you are safe and prepared for your medical appointments.  They even assist with local sightseeing trips and tours.  The support does not end there.  You will have access to our emergency line and customer service represenatives.  There will always be somebody available and ready to listen and provide the care you need. 


  •      What if I am interested in a procedure that is not listed on your website?
  • If you are interested in a procedure that is not listed on our site, please contact us. We are dedicated to helping everyone in need of quality, affordable healthcare and we will respond to your inquiry within one business day.
  •      Will I be sacrificing quality of care for lower cost?
  • No, 360 Global Health's partners are all experts in their field and provide excellent care. Our medical travel destinations generally have the benefit of a lower cost of living and are able to provide high quality healthcare at an affordable price.
  •      Will my insurance cover a medical procedure that is performed abroad?
  • This depends on your insurance company and coverage. Some insurance companies reward and encourage medical travel. You must check with your insurance provider for an accurate answer. If your procedure is fully or partially covered we will work with you and your insurance company to fill out the appropriate paperwork.
Medical Providers
  •      Am I allowed to speak with the doctor before I enroll and travel?
  • Yes, we strongly advise that you speak with your medical provider prior to booking your procedure. This gives you the opportunity to connect with the doctor to ask questions and express your concerns. This also gives your doctor the chance to review your medical history and advise on any concerns he/she may have about your travel, pre-op treatment plan and procedure. All of 360 Global Health's partners speak English and have agreed to speak with any patient that requests a phone or video consult.
  •      Should I tell my local doctor about my travel and procedure plans?
  • Yes, absolutely! Follow up care is extremely important. Your medical provider abroad will be available to talk via phone or video, however, your local doctor will more than likely play a major role in your follow up care since he/she will be there to physically evaluate you. Keeping your local doctor well informed will keep him prepared and ready for your return back home.
  •      Do your medical providers work in clean, safe, modern facilities?
  • Yes. All the medical providers we partner with maintain safe and sanitary conditions for their patients and staff. They have access to the latest technologies and continuously educate themselves on the modern advances in their field. Some medical providers' facilities will be more grandiose and spectacular than what you experience at home. Others will have offices that are infused with their rich cultural artifacts. It may not be what you are traditionally used to at home, however, they still maintain the highest standard of care and operational excellence.
  •      Should I travel alone?
  • This depends on your overall comfort level and the seriousness of your procedure. It is generally nice to have a travel companion, however, 360 Global Health provides an excellent support team so that you are never alone. We offer a full range of services, including a full time concierge/companion if necessary. We are more than happy to help plan for a companion to accompany you on your trip, but it is important to know that you will be safe and comfortable traveling alone with the support of the 360 Global Health team.
  •      Will you help me book my flights and hotels?
  • Yes, we will help you book all travel arrangements. We are extremely skilled at finding excellent rates and itineraries for flights. We are also able to recommend the best hotels in the best areas of town. We offer a full concierge service that provides you with door to door service from your hotel to the doctor's office. Depending on your package and length of stay, local cell phones are provided for your convenience and safety.
  •      How will I communicate with my family and friends at home while I am abroad?
  • Prior to your departure we will ask you to provide us with contact details of two friends or family members of your choosing. Should any issues arise, we would contact them immediately by phone and email. You will also have a few options for keeping in touch about your day to day progress. We recommend that you bring a laptop computer with Skype or Google talk downloaded on it. Depending on your carrier and coverage, your cell phone may work abroad. You may choose to upgrade to an international plan that would allow you to stay connected with loved ones at home. Depending on the hotel that you choose, they will most likely have a business center with computer and email access.
  •      Do I need any vaccinations before traveling?
  • This depends on your destination country. Most travel destinations do not require any sort of vaccines or medications prior to leaving. It is always a good idea to check with the Center for Disease Control. Their website is:
  •      Do I have to sign any contracts before enrolling?
  • Yes, we feel that it is very important for the roles and responsibilities of each party to be explicitly outlined and agreed upon prior to traveling. In addition to our agreements, most of our medical providers will require you to sign a contract of their own. This provides all parties with protection and peace of mind.
  •      How does payment work? Do you have financing available?
  • After you have selected your medical provider and procedure, we ask you to sign our Client and Company agreement. Once the agreement is fully executed, we issue you an invoice. Timing of the payment(s) will depend on the procedure and urgency with which you need to travel. All payments must be made by wire transfer, direct deposit or cashier's check. We do not accept credit cards and we currently do not offer any financing plans.

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