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Medical Travel in Brazil

Medical tourism involves traveling to a foreign country for medical treatment. Brazil has always been an alluring international destination and it is world famous for its beautiful people. It has also gained notoriety for its cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgery packages. What began as a curiosity and desire for cosmetic surgery has now opened the doors for medical tourists to receive other medical treatments, such as orthopedic surgeries, cardiac surgeries and fertility treatment.

Why Choose Brazil as a destination for travel and treatment?

When thinking of Brazil, most conjure images of Carnival girls in bright headdresses and bikinis, or young children playing soccer in Brazil’s brightly colored jerseys. Some may envision Christ the Redeemer, watching over the city of Rio de Janeiro or some may envision dance clubs packed with Samba dancers. It is a top medical tourism destination because of its rich culture, wide variety of tourist activities and world-class hospitals and medical facilities. Its attractiveness as a tourism destination is enhanced by its quality and affordable healthcare.

Medical Facilities in Brazil

Medical Facilities in Brazil are right on par with hospitals in the United States, with some even exceeding American standards. Brazil offers everything from large, full service hospitals to smaller, intimate private clinics. Depending on your medical needs, either type will be able to provide exceptional service and care.

Recuperating in Brazil

As a medical tourism destination, Brazil is an ideal place to recover. Your recovery and recuperation extend beyond your hospital stay. Our concierge and medical partners will go above and beyond to ensure that you have a peaceful and serene recovery. Brazil has many beautiful resorts and hotels that cater to individuals recovering from medical procedures. Once you are well enough to travel, you are encouraged to take time to explore all that Brazil has to offer as a vacation hotspot!

Vacationing with a Medical Trip to Brazil

Planning your next vacation around your medical procedure may not be at the top of your list, but it should be. Medical tourism gives you the flexibility to plan and schedule anything from a minor checkup to a major surgery whenever it is convenient for you and your loved ones. Whether you decide to travel and explore before your procedure or decide to receive treatment and then travel, it’s all up to you! Take advantage of all that Brazil has to offer and bring your family or friends with you. Vacationing with a medical trip to Brazil will prove to be very rewarding and will provide you with positive life long memories.

Brazil Travel Information

Brazilian food consists of a lot of chicken, rice, beans, fish and fresh fruit. Lunch is their biggest meal of the day, with dinner being more of a lighter occasion. Brazil is famous for its all you can eat BBQ restaurants, Churrascarias. Pending approval from your doctor, you will want to try Caipirinha, a delicious, lemony alcohol drink made from Brazil’s native liquor, Cachaca.

Brazil is a very large country and has many distinct climate regions. Overall, Brazil is a tropical country where you can expect sunny and warm weather with occasional rainfall.

Travelers should always use licensed taxis. The taxis in Brazil are relatively inexpensive and provide a safe and easy way to move about the city.

Brazil Quick Facts

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English
Currency: Real (Reais)
Capital: Sao Paulo
Major Airports: Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport
Electricity: 127V-160V 60Hz
Time Zone: BRT

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