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Medical Travel in Costa Rica

Many unique factors make Costa Rica an excellent destination for Medical Tourism. One of the main reasons is its easy accessibility from both the US and Canada. There are frequent flights from important cities in both these countries. Also, Americans, Canadians and most Europeans staying in Costa Rica for less than 90 days do not require a visa.

Why Choose Costa Rica as a destination for travel and treatment?

COSTA RICA is very accepting of international travelers. Tourists are welcomed with open arms and made to feel very comfortable. Costa Rica even has a special police force called “Tourist Police” whose job it is to assist tourists with directions and answering questions.

A politically stable country, Costa Rica does not have an army. It has a high standard of living when compared to that of other Latin American countries. It also has a stable economy – thanks, in part, to tourism. It has a literacy rate of 96% and the lowest crime rates in the region. Many US and Canadian citizens choose costa Rica to lead their retired life because of the low cost of living, the comfortable climate and its uncompromising beauty.

Medical Facilities in Costa Rica

Medical treatments are typically about 50-70% less expensive than in the US and no one has to wait their turn for surgery. There are many private accredited hospitals and clinics in Costa Rica. It is very common for leading doctors and surgeons in Costa Rica hospital to have gained experience, certifications or training from the US. Healthcare in Costa Rica compares with the best in the world. The average life expectancy in Costa Rica is 78.5, even above that of the United States’ 77.9.

Recuperating in Costa Rica

Hotels in Costa Rica range from local rainforest hideaways to 5 star familiar chains. A traveler may choose to stay beachside or close to the city. After a couple of days recuperating in the hospital, patients can find peace and tranquility resting either at a spa, a resort or a mountain retreat.

Vacationing with a Medical Trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s unique geographic locations – with the Pacific Ocean and one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other – make for unsurpassed beauty and lush landscapes. Costa Rica is home to countless pristine beaches, lush green mountains formed by past volcanic eruptions, dense rainforests, lake and rivers. All of these help support one of the most diverse plant and animal ecosystems on the planet. Many medical tourism destinations do not lend themselves to a simultaneous vacation or holiday, but not in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is both a popular tourism and a great medical care destination.

Costa Rica Travel Information

Unlike many other Latin American countries, the local food in Costa Rica is not spicy. A must-try local dish is the wood fire roasted chicken. For those not so adventurous, there are plenty of familiar American chain restaurants.

Costa Rica is famous for microclimates where, in one hour travel time, one may experience from very hot/humid to hot/dry to cold/rainy.

Travelers should use licensed taxis, which are red with medallions (yellow triangles containing numbers) painted on the side. Licensed taxis at the airport are painted orange.

Costa Rica Quick Facts

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