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Medical Travel in Mexico

Medical tourism is the act of traveling across international borders for healthcare. In Mexico’s case, its close proximity to the United States and Canada makes it a very popular destination for medical tourism because of the ease with which you can cross the border. With a variety of flight options and easy driving routes, a trip south can easily be worked into your schedule. Mexico offers highly trained doctors, some of which are U.S. educated and certified, who focus in all types of medicine and dental procedures. Medical tourists typically look to Mexico for relatively minor procedures, such as dental, cosmetic or bariatric surgeries.

Why Choose Mexico as a destination for travel and treatment?

One of Mexico’s greatest attributes is its accessibility. Medical tourists in the U.S. and Canada have instant access to excellent surgeons and physicians right across the border. The high volumes of tourists each year have made it a very approachable country for those who have limited travel experience. In the developed cities, in which our hospital and doctors are hosted, English is widely spoken. Their economy and community has adjusted to support incoming travelers and the medical tourism industry.

Medical Facilities in Mexico

Border towns just outside of the United States have long been known for offering international patients with affordable healthcare. These hospitals have been built with medical tourists in mind, maintaining the high standards international patients have come to expect. These hospitals also employ a higher number of English speaking doctors, giving their patients an added sense of comfort. Depending on the medical procedure, you can generally expect a cost savings of 20-40%.

Recuperating in Mexico

As a medical tourism destination, Mexico offers a plethora of options for your recovery. The hospitals offer extended stay options if you need close supervision or alternatively we offer a variety of hotel options within close proximity to your doctor. Spas or resorts are also available upon request where tranquility and peace of mind will aid and encourage a fast recovery.

Vacationing with a Medical Trip to Mexico

A variety of tourism spots exist within Mexico no matter which city you choose to visit. Border towns were constructed to capture the tourist attention and are home to lots of excitement. International patients can enjoy quality, affordable healthcare, while also taking advantage of Mexico’s historical sites, beautiful beaches and luxurious vacation resorts.

Mexico Travel Information

Typical to Latin countries, a lot of rich, spicy dishes can be found. It is advised that you work your way up to the more authentic dishes, as they can be overwhelming to most. In more developed cities, tourist friendly menus are easy to find along with American chain restaurants. It is recommended that you do not use unpurified water to drink. This also extends to ice cubes and any fruits or vegetables that have been washed with the unpurified water.

Mexico’s terrain varies greatly, with everything from snowcapped mountains to deserts to tropical forests. The cities in which our hospitals are located, however, tend to experience hot days and cool nights. The rain season runs from May through September, with little rain outside of those months.

Travelers should always use licensed taxis. Radio taxis are recommended and are identifiable by a giant radio antenna. They are dispatched by radio and will pick you up at your doorstep. The company tracks the locations of all their cars and they are considered the safest form of transportation.

Mexico Quick Facts

Languages: Spanish, English
Currency: Mexican peso
Capital: Mexico City
Electricity: 110-120 Volts (same as US and Canada)
Time Zone: PDT, MDT, CDT (ranges 2 hours)

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