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Medical Travel in Panama

Medical tourism involves traveling to a foreign country for medical treatment. Panama is very open and welcoming to medical tourists and encourages visitors from abroad to visit for treatment. Medical tourists are able to find quality, affordable care in a country that is close to home.

Why Choose Panama as a destination for travel and treatment?

Panama is an excellent medical tourism destination for many reasons. They have excellent hospitals, facilities and doctors. Panama is also home to the eighth largest air hub in the world. Traveling to Panama has never been easier! Access to world-class medical treatment, the ease with which you can travel in and out of the country and the breathtaking city and beaches make Panama a premier destination for your healthcare.

Medical Facilities in Panama

Medical Facilities in Panama are right on par with hospitals in the United States. One of their most notable hospitals, Punta Pacifica, is an affiliate of John Hopkins Hospital here in the U.S. Punta Pacifica is fully accredited and adheres to the strictest international medical and ethical codes. Many of Panama’s doctors are U.S. trained and/or certified and thoroughly enjoy treating and working with international patients.

Recuperating in Panama

As a medical tourism destination, Panama is a wonderful place to recuperate. Your recovery and recuperation extend beyond your hospital stay. Panama has many beautiful resorts and hotels that cater to individuals recovering from medical procedures. Once you are well enough to travel, you are encouraged to take time to explore all that Panama has to offer as a vacation hotspot!

Vacationing with a Medical Trip to Panama

Planning your next vacation around your medical procedure may not be at the top of your list, but it should be. Medical tourism gives you the flexibility to plan and schedule anything from a minor checkup to a major surgery whenever it is convenient for you and your loved ones. Doctors will make themselves available to your schedule and it will allow you to plan a vacation around the treatment. Whether you decide to travel and explore before your procedure or decide to receive treatment and then travel, it’s all up to you! Take advantage of Panama’s vibrant cities and beautiful beaches and plan your next medical procedure along with your vacation.

Panama Travel Information

Typical to Latin countries, a lot of rich, spicy dishes can be found. It is advised that you work your way up to the more authentic dishes, as they can be overwhelming to some. Most dishes contain chicken and you can almost always expect to be served delicious, fried plantains. Panama also has American chain restaurants that provide a taste of home for the less adventurous eaters.

There are two very distinct regions in Panama – coastal and mountainous. Coastal weather is characteristically hot and humid, with cool breezes coming in off the ocean. Mountain weather varies from comfortable to very cold. The higher you go, the colder it gets. The rainy season runs from May to December.

Travelers should always use licensed taxis. The taxis in Panama are relatively inexpensive and provide a safe and easy way to move about the city.

Panama Quick Facts

Languages: Spanish, English
Currency: Panamanian Balboa/U.S. dollar
Capital: Panama City
Major Airports: Marcos A. Gelabert Intl Airport and Tocumen Intl Airport
Electricity: 110 V 60Hz
Time Zone: EST (No DST in 2011)

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