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Medical Travel in South Korea

Medical tourism is the act of traveling across international borders for healthcare. South Korea is an avid supporter of medical tourism and encourages international patients to travel to receive treatment at one of their many world-class facilities. Korea is especially known for their strong pursuit of research and development in the regenerative medicine field.

Why Choose South Korea as a destination for travel and treatment?

South Korea is well known as a premier medical tourism destination because of their quality and inexpensive healthcare. South Korean hospitals are on par with U.S. hospitals, while some even exceed American standards. South Korea is very enthusiastic about medical tourism and is dedicated to making it a medical tourism friendly country. In 2009 they introduced a special visa made especially for medical tourists to stay in the country for up to 3 months.

Medical Facilities in South Korea

Medical treatments in South Korea are less expensive than in the U.S. and no one has to wait their turn for surgery. There are many private accredited hospitals and clinics in South Korea. Doctors and surgeons in South Korean hospitals have often gained experience, certifications or training in the U.S.

Recuperating in South Korea

Recovering and recuperating in South Korea is easy and enjoyable. There are hotels in every price and budget range. Taxis and transportation are easy to come by and hotel staff is always willing to assist you while you recover.

Vacationing with a Medical Trip to South Korea

South Korea is extremely mountainous. This provides travelers with excellent hiking trails and gorgeous mountain views. South Korea is both a popular tourism and medical care destination. Medical tourists can enjoy the increasingly popular phenomenon “Korean pop,” practice the world famous martial art, Taekwondo, or visit some of the historical palaces that exist in and around the city of Seoul.

South Korea Travel Information

South Korea is famous for its Kimchi. You can expect to see it served at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It can be a little spicy, but it is easy to adjust to the flavor. Another food favorite is Korean BBQ. Korean BBQ restaurants can be found throughout the city and the food is delicious! Western, Japanese, and other ethnic foods are widely available too.

South Korea has four seasons and those are winter, summer, spring, and autumn. Summer in South Korea is very hot and humid. Winter is dry and cold. The rainy season starts in July, so don’t forget your umbrella!

Travelers can find regular taxis in silver or white; they are the most popular in South Korea. They often have numbers that you can call that will provide translation services. Goodwill Guide Taxi is a special English speaking taxi. You can call (02) 3431-5100 and ask for pickup. They can also serve as tour guides around Seoul.

South Korea Quick Facts

Languages: Korean, English
Currency: Won (KRW)
Capital: Seoul
Major Airports: Seoul Incheon International
Electricity: 110/220V AC 60 Hz.
Time Zone: GMT 9 hours

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