El Salvador

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Medical Travel in El Salvador

Medical tourism is the act of traveling to a foreign country for medical treatment. El Salvador's close proximity to the United States makes it a convenient and affordable destination for those seeking reasonably priced, quality medical care. El Salvador is an excellent destination for medical tourists in need of small, minimally invasive procedures, such as dental work.

Why Choose El Salvador as a destination for travel and treatment?

Located in Central America, El Salvador is proudly known as the "land of jewels." It is a robust country teeming with natural beauty. Medical tourists have the opportunity to explore and enjoy El Salvador's beautiful lakes, volcanoes, beaches and exotic wildlife. El Salvador is only a six-hour flight from Florida, allowing medical tourists with limited time and money the ability to receive superior, quality, affordable care.

Medical Facilities in El Salvador

The medical providers in our El Salvador network operate out of medical facilities designed with the international patient in mind. In addition to catering to medical tourists' special needs, the medical facilities in El Salvador possess state of the art medical equipment. The technology and equipment employed in El Salvadorian medical facilities is right on par with the United States' facilities.

Recuperating in El Salvador

So much of recuperation is dependent upon getting good rest and keeping stress low. El Salvador is a natural paradise that provides recovering patients the environment they need to heal quickly. Depending on your needs, we will recommend and help you book anything from a bed and breakfast to a five star resort. Each offer their own unique benefits, however, no matter where you stay, you will have access to your doctor and support team.

Vacationing with a Medical Trip to El Salvador

While traveling to El Salvador for medical treatment, you will have the unique opportunity of boosting your health and touring a new country. El Salvador has a wide variety of historical, cultural and adventurous attractions. Vacations can mean many different things to many people. In El Salvador medical tourists can have their medical procedure and then choose the kind of vacation they want. El Salvador offers everything from great shopping and food, museums and gorgeous beaches to zip lining across forests and river rafting. 360 Global Health will help you combine your medical procedure with a vacation in El Salvador with the promise of creating long lasting memories for you and your travel companion.

El Salvador Travel Information

The El Salvadorian diet is bountiful and rich. Soups and stews are enormously popular with native inhabitants and some dishes can be on the spicier side due to the large Spanish influence. El Salvador is famous for its Pupusas. El Salvadorians take cooked meat, cheese and beans and stuff them into thick, hand-made flour or corn tortillas. This is a must-try food item for all medical tourists.

El Salvador has a typical tropical climate with two major seasons, wet and dry. The temperature can vary as you cross the country and generally decreases in temperature as you move away from the oceans and into the mountains.

There are 3 classes of buses in El Salvador, but is recommended that you only use the first class for safety and comfort reasons. Taxis are also safe, but rates need to be negotiated prior to departure. Private concierge services can be arranged with the assistance of your 360 Global Health Case Manager.

El Salvador Quick Facts

Languages - Spanish, English
Currency - US dollar
Capital - San Salvador
Major Airport - Comalapa International Airport
Electricity - 115V 50Hz
Time zone - GMT -6

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