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June 23, 2017, 11:21 pm
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The Benefits of Medical Treatment Overseas
Affordable IVF Options Abroad - Medical Travel

360 Global Health - The Benefits of Medical Treatment Overseas


360 Medical Travel Professional - Affordable IVF Option Abroad

The primary reason that people travel overseas for medical treatment is because it is much less expensive.  Usually the savings that occur are from between one quarter to one tenth of the cost in the US. Dental work almost always represents a one tenth savings. This represents a savings of about 90 percent and both India and Thailand have excellent facilities. India is usually the least expensive option. South America is between 50 and 100 percent more expensive than India and India’s major competitor, Thailand, is about 20 percent more expensive than India. Major dental surgery will pay for your whole family to spend a week on the beach following the surgery. You can pay for your plane ticket by having minor work done on one tooth. A large part of your medical fees are for diagnostics and imaging. There are many hospitals in the US that use Indian laboratories to interpret MRI images and X-rays because having  a doctor analyze the image will frequently often costs as much or more than the image will.

Also, most overseas hospitals that provide medical treatment are much more willing to provide their quotes and prices upfront than hospitals in the US.  Medical treatment that is provided by hospitals overseas will frequently set a cap for the total cost of the medical treatment, unless there are complications. These caps are great for comparing your options in other countries and for planning purposes. They are also much more upfront about the cost of past medical treatments.

In addition, medical treatment that is provided overseas doesn’t have to be paid out of pocket. Many patients that have medical insurance have such a high deductible that they are still willing to travel overseas for medical treatment. The fact is that most insurance companies will be happy to solve your medical problem without having to pay the medical rates in the US and will be glad to reimburse your overseas medical treatment expenses.

Orderlies perform many medical tasks in Europe and the US, while these same tasks are performed by registered nurses in overseas hospitals. The physicians that provide medical treatment in overseas hospitals place more of an emphasis on spending more time with each of their patients and have a much lighter work schedule. Physicians that provide medical treatment is US hospitals are always rushing in and out and often have too many appointments.


There are also many benefits if you have to remain overnight in an overseas hospital for your medical treatment. A deluxe suite at the Bangkok international hospital or Bangkok’s Bumrungrad will cost you about $200 each night and will include three meals a day, a view of the city, two complete bathrooms, a living room, and a large bedroom. For $400 each night you can also have three meals a day for three people, WI FI, a flat panel television, and nursing equipment. A comparative single room in a hospital in the US that provide medical treatment will cost you a minimum of $800 each night not including other charges such as services. 

About 360 Global Health - Premiere Medical Travel Facilitator

Medical Travel is traveling across international borders to obtain healthcare. We are a catalyst to help patients find medical care from some of the best and affordable doctors and hospitals around the globe. Patients use our user-friendly website to research all their options for affordable international health care. They are assisted, during every step of the process, by caring, experienced case managers who love to help our patients.

The talent behind 360 consists of experienced medical travel personnel dedicated to servicing clients and prospects looking for alternative solutions to their healthcare needs.

Our 10 Governing Values are:
• Integrity - in all that we do and say
• Trust - in each other as a team of employees, clients and service providers
• Service - because that's when people are at their best
• Excellence - in the entire experience from start to finish... and beyond
• Open to Learning - from anyone who has a good idea
• Profit - we save you money, you help us earn money... True win win
• Communication - first listen, then solve, then listen again
• Adventure - because international travel is exciting
• Gratitude - for all that we have been given and have experienced
• Fun - because we love what we do

360 Global Health stands ready to become the benchmark and industry standard by which all other Medical Travel companies are measured.

And have a great time in the process...


360 Global Health is creating the industry standard by which all other Medical Travel companies are measured and we hope you will join us. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at www.360globalhealth.com.

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